Ella malaka translation

Ella malaka translation


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Faubion examines the usage of the word malakas in modern Greek through a constructivist and sociolinguistic lens, studying the effect of any and all aspects of society on the way language is used. What does "Prostagma" mean in Greek? Malakas is also used sometimes as a mild ethnic slur versus Greeks, when used by non-Greeks, because of its very common everyday usage. Can you let me know the meaning of Malakas in greek to English? You can probably find many other words and expressions like these. All the assholes in the world including me. To give some emphasis to the aforementioned one could use the compound word 'hontro-malakas', meaning simply fat-malakas, or the superlative 'poly malakas', meaning very much a malakas.

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    Jun 2, The Greek word that is pronounced Malaka is an extremely offensive Greek slang word, meaning wanker or a person that masturbates a lot. Used imploringly, as in the phrase "Ela re malaka" (equivalent to "man" in the meaning simply fat-malakas, or the superlative 'poly malakas', meaning very. The word μαλάκα (maláka) is the vocative form of the Greek noun I have translated it here as “male-lie-downers,” which seems like the most.
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    Ella Malaka Why Ella Malaka

    Malaka Meaning. Answered Jul 4, Additionally, females may use the word even in an affectionate way.

    images ella malaka translation

    Those who are after chicks that never care for them. So, if you hear it here in Greece or in your country, don't get surprised.

    what does it mean malaka Yahoo Answers

    images ella malaka translation
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    What is happening in Greece? In everyday speech, the word malakas is used metaphorically to mean a person who uses no common sense. Answered Nov 30, Answers Relevance.

    images ella malaka translation

    Look what this guy is doing! EDIT: by way of illustration and because this answer, disappointingly, appears to be one of my most popularhere's a recent instance that popped up on my Facebook feed:.

    Malakas is a commonly used profane Greek slang word, with a variety of different meanings, but literally meaning "man who masturbates".

    For similar terms, see Malaka and Malacca (disambiguation).

    What does the Greek word 'malaka' mean Quora

    Malakas (Greek: μαλάκας [maˈlakas]). Contextual translation of "ella malaka" into English.

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    Human translations with examples: ella, pusta, romana, ela tho, your mom, jerk off, kid malaka, katalavenis. Aug 3, A little ruder and unlikely to be found in your average phrase book, malaka directly translated is an English swear word, but is used among.
    Is chemistry a Greek word?

    A malakas is a fool, a dupe.

    images ella malaka translation

    It means you're a wanker. Added in a greeting between close male friends: "Pou'se re malaka?

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    He is liable to utter malakies […] He is liable to be guillible.

    images ella malaka translation
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    However, that word really has different definition.

    Pou sai, re malaka! Answered Dec 7, This behavior can be compared to the dozens.

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    Taboola recommends your content directly on top sites worldwide, driving high quality traffic. Malakialiterally meaning masturbationis often also used in a similar sense as malakas to refer to nonsense, something worthless or of poor quality, or a mistake. It is one of the most frequent words picked up by tourists and travellers to Greece and is not unusual amongst the younger Greek diaspora, even when the level of Greek is low.

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