G8 cam install

G8 cam install


images g8 cam install

Showcasing our broad group of Lsa available now online. Originally Posted by briancb1. I have a decent amount of tools on-hand and know two mechanics who have pretty much anything else I'd need. You can install extensions for Chrome and Firefox to restore the photos. Remember Me? I started to take photos but then i got too cought up in the install and stopped. AFM delete includes lifters.

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  • My Camshaft Install, G8 GT LS1TECH Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion
  • G8 DoD Delete. Is it a DIY job Pontiac
  • Best dod delete kit for g8 gt

  • So, i've been asked by several people to write up somewhat of a DIY for how i did my Cam install.


    So, here is a general sequence of events and. Generation IV Internal Engine - My Camshaft Install, G8 GT - Day One: Today i started my camshaft install, all the parts will be here Monday and Tuesday.

    Installation Pricing

    A Simple Cam Swap Adds + Rear-Wheel Horsepower To An Already New Era Performance sent us its newest G8 turbo camshaft.
    I have access to an engine hoist and car lift if it comes down to needing those. I'll make a list of what I bought. Just got my 5th gen Camaro tuned by him couple days ago and it's incredible. I know some Swear by amsoilrotellaetc.

    Clean California title in my name. Plus I don't have to deal with replacing shit I don't want like a straight pipe exhaust, cat delete, or worst of all cheap coilovers.

    images g8 cam install
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    Well you don't HAVE to replace the cam.

    My Camshaft Install, G8 GT LS1TECH Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion

    With the former option I can learn a little getting my hands dirty, which opens up the opportunity for even more mods in the future. Shop right now. I've never worked inside an engine before either but I am planning on doing it when it warms up. Then while you're tearing it apart take pictures of what goes where.

    Extremely rare 6.

    If you can't come to our facility for installation we have launched a new list of INTENSE Recommended Installers in various states. G8 GT/GXP Pricing DOD Delete / Camshaft Installation = $; Brake Upgrades = $75 per axle; Standard.

    So, i've been asked by several people to write up somewhat of a DIY for how i did my Cam install. - Chevrolet Gmc 6. g8 gtmiles. So it hasn't even been a week since I got my G8 GT and I'm already looking into From what I'm seeing, the cam swap is just expensive and.
    You should update as you progress in modding, I'd love to see and maybe it could help me if I decide to delve into the project myself!

    Submit a new link. Just DOD delete or are you adding a new cam as well?

    images g8 cam install

    Order your parts online or pick them up in-store at your local Advance Auto Parts. Pontiac submitted 1 year ago by [deleted]. With the propper tune it should idle nearly stock, and really come alive when you want it to. Torque wrench, impact and such?

    images g8 cam install
    G8 cam install
    Modern Performance g8 pontiac dod This car was brought to TW for performance upgrades, new cam, springs and rods.

    Create an account. This site has searched far and wide for a high quality variety at awesome prices.

    G8 DoD Delete. Is it a DIY job Pontiac

    That took a good 30min. Texas Speed Tsp.

    images g8 cam install

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    G8 GT Custom Cam & Advanced Induction Heads We used our Brian Tooley Deluxe Cam Install Kit, along with a Melling Oil Pan Gasket $ Package Options. VVT Delete $ SKU: Master DOD Delete Cam Package Categories: DOD & DOD/VVT Delete Kits, DOD/VVT.
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    Best dod delete kit for g8 gt

    Should be hard to keep the tires planted. That alone took 45 minutes and i dropped it into the oil pan :[ EASY fix, to get it out pull out the oil level sensor and get at it from their with a magnet.

    Everything needed to complete the DOD delete using the best possible components. Shop a wide variety of stage 5 3 available for sale now on the internet.

    images g8 cam install
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    They have a replacement for just about every bolt in your engine that is stronger then stock.

    The best prices for texas speed.

    images g8 cam install

    This spreadsheet is considered the Gospel in the g8 community. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. It's not horrible to do but for someone that never done one I wouldn't recommend it. The only thing I really want to do right away is maybe straight pipe it from the axles back just to get some more sound without spending a ton.

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