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Narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk


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Print the descriptions PDF. At low tide you can touch stranded icebergs on the beach! About 1 km before Sillisit you may have to wade across a small stream. But even experienced hikers will enjoy spending a few days in the area because the landscape is just so beautiful! Normally this can be done dry-shod! Namespaces Page Discussion. Paths and rolling hills. Gravel road and paths. The hike back follows the same route. Until December 31,the settlement was part of Narsaq Municipality in the Kitaa amt.

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  • Hiking in South Greenland the Qassiarsuk area

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    Qassiarsuk is a settlement in the Kujalleq municipality, in southern Greenland. Its population The longest stretch of road connects the sheep farms of Qassiarsuk with the airport of Narsarsuaq, around 50 km. The roads are generally of poor. Read hiking descriptions of trails in the Qassiarsuk area.

    Hike from farm to farm. Map: Arctic Sun. Narsarsuaq (Qassiarsuk – Igaliku)Blue Ice sails almost daily between Narsarsuaq, Qassiarsuk, Itilleq (Igaliku) and Sillisit during the summer, and often to the towns of Narsaq and.
    Paths and gentle hills.

    Here you take a marked trail along the fjord to the Nunataaq sheep farm about 3 km. From Wikitravel. It is also possible just to see the reconstructions on your own.

    There is also a thriving tourism industry in the area. The ruins in Qassiarsuk are well marked and you can visit replicas of a longhouse and a small turf church. Blue Ice Explorer.

    images narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk
    Narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk
    When the road ends, just continue on the sheep tracks along the coast.

    Ruins of several of the buildings, including living quarters, outhouses, and a church, are still clearly visible. Accommodation : The hike is a day trip. Follow the gravel road along the fjord north of Qassiarsuk. The road ends at the farm, but you continue on sheep trails through the valley to the west.

    Narsarsuaq is the gateway to hiking trails through lush valleys and Norse ruins Connect the dots of Viking ruins by sailing or hiking between Qassiarsuk.

    Are you in Narsarsuaq and would like to practice kayaking among icebergs? Come with us to Tasiusaq Bay, the safest place in South Greenland for sea. Qassiarsuk (Old Norse: Brattahlid) is a settlement in Southern Greenland. The tourist office in Narsarsuaq arranges trips every day, but it is also possible to.
    The Qassiarsuk area is well known for its Norse ruins.

    images narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk

    Categories : Populated places in Greenland Outline articles. Over land [ edit ] Narsaq is situated 50 km by dirt road to the south.

    images narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk

    They have kind of everything - just not very much of everything. Jump to: navigationsearch.

    images narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk
    Narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk
    There is also a thriving tourism industry in the area.

    They have kind of everything - just not very much of everything.

    The terrain is undulating with many small lakes, and you will encounter herds of grazing sheep and perhaps see wild ponies. On January 1,Qassiarsuk became part of Kujalleq municipality, when the Kitaa amt, as well as the municipalities of Narsaq, Qaqortoqand Nanortalik ceased to exist as administrative entities.

    This contrasts with the majority of Greenland's settlements, which are based on fishing. Narsaq is situated 50 km by dirt road to the south. The road is a slightly longer and steeper route than between Qassiarsuk and Tasiusaq.

    El mar entre Narsarsuaq y Qassiarsuk empieza a congelarse ya en # Groenlandia Frozen sea between #Narsarsuaq and #Qassiarsuk #Greenland.

    Narsarsuaq tours/excursions summer Settlement of Eric the Red – Qassiarsuk ( Brattahlid).

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    Today sheep farmers are working on exact the same land as the. The boat that had carried us the short hop across the icy turquoise waters from Narsarsuaq to Qassiarsuk recedes across the fjord, weaving its.
    Blue Ice Explorer.

    Map : Hiking Map South Greenland.

    In Qassiarsuk a chuch and a longhouse have been reconstructed to give visitors an understanding of life in those days. This is a nice walk that passes through the green valley of Qorlortup Itinnera. It is also a fine place to bring your tent, as there are fantastic places to camp, especially along the Sermilik fjord.

    images narsarsuaq to qassiarsuk
    Several small stone huts and other traces of the Norse settlements can be seen in the area.

    However, if you keep your eyes peeled, you will notice traces of Norse habitation throughout the entire area.

    Hiking in South Greenland the Qassiarsuk area

    If you talk with the people in the cafeteria, you can get a guided tour to the reconstruction of Thorhilda's church and a typical longhouse from the same period. The view from Ipiuttat is fabulous, and even though you take the same trail both ways, the hike along the inner part of the fjord is extremely beautiful and breathtaking. The valley contains numerous remnants that serve as mute testimony to centuries of Norse settlement. Categories : Populated places in Greenland Outline articles.

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