Pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield

Pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield


images pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield

The pike-armed Macedonian version of the phalanx largely replaced the spear-armed hoplite version of the Classical Age. This was made possible thanks to the training Philip instilled in his army, which included regular forced marches. The Thessalians were considered the finest cavalry of Greece. Retrieved 22 April Name required. Nonetheless many armies of mainland Greece stuck with hoplite warfare. This very short xiphos would be very advantageous in the press that occurred when two lines of hoplites met, capable of being thrust through gaps in the shieldwall into an enemy's unprotected groin or throat, while there was no room to swing a longer sword.

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  • Within the phalanx each man's shield overlapped that of the man to his left, The hoplite phalanx deployed for battle in six, eight, or twelve ranks deep. Philip and.

    images pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield

    Pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield. pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Alexander may have "conquered the known world," but many.

    At the Hydaspes Arrian seems to mention the 'royal hypaspistai' and then the which is an arrangement one would also expect of the pezhetairoi battalions. The figure on the 'Alexander Sarcophagus' with hoplite shield and helmet.
    This, alongside the evidence of the depiction of Alexander the Great in the Alexander Mosaic, shows that the technology to make plate armour in iron existed at this time.

    Alexander inherited the use of Cretan archers from his father's reign, yet around this time a clear reference to the use of native Macedonian archers was made.

    Coinage indicates that from an early period the primary weapons used by Macedonian cavalry were a pair of javelins.

    images pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield

    This was a defence made entirely of plate bronze consisting of a breast and backplate, usually with shoulder pieces, modelled in relief on the form a muscular male torso.

    If a hoplite escaped, he would sometimes be forced to drop his cumbersome aspisthereby disgracing himself to his friends and family becoming a ripsaspisone who threw his shield. See also: Cretan archer.

    images pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield
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    Philip II improved on these military innovators by using both Epaminondas' deeper phalanx and Iphicrates' combination of a longer spear and smaller and lighter shield.

    Cartledge and Hanson estimate the transition took place from — BC.

    This was a dramatic shift from earlier warfare, where Greek armies had lacked the ability to conduct an effective assault. This drastically altered the scale of warfare and the numbers of troops involved. Various Balkan peoples, such as Agrianes, Paeonians and Thracians, provided either light infantry or cavalry or indeed both.

    London, GBR: Routledge.

    The asthetairoi may also have been armed with shield and spear instead If he made a wholly Persian phalanx of pezhetairoi then those closest to the king sets of weapons for his whole phalanx and could not have had hoplite shields built.

    9 5 While the exact date of the inception of the hoplite phalan x remains under debate, clear depiction of single -handed spear use and shield held in the. and yes, he did, but other factors than "hoplite vs phalangite" came into play at Chaeronea. Philip had a Macedonian Phalanx Shield?

    images pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield

    - The file name of this shield is called aspis. Pezhetairoi (Images by Ryan Jones).
    These cavalrymen would have been equipped very similarly to the Thessalians and Companions, but they deployed in a square formation eight deep and sixteen abreast.

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    Many examples of helmets from the period have crest or plume-holders attached, so that a high degree of martial finery could be achieved by the wearing of imposing headpieces. Although clearly a development of the hoplite, the Macedonian phalanx was tactically more versatile, especially used in the combined arms tactics favoured by the Macedonians.

    The shields would clash and the first lines protostates would stab at their opponents, at the same time trying to keep in position.

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    There, Alexander did not dare assault the dense infantry formation with his cavalry, but rather waited for his infantry to arrive, while he and his cavalry harassed their flanks. It was the use of so many small, well-organized sub-units that allowed the legion the great flexibility it displayed on the battlefield.

    images pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield
    Pezhetairoi vs hoplite shield
    Each battalion would be commanded by a chiliarch, with the regiment as a whole under the command of an archihypaspist.

    The extent to which phalangites were armoured is unclear, and may have changed over time. The linothorax was the most popular type armour worn by the hoplites, since it was cost-effective and provided decent protection. Light troops were provided by a number of subject and allied peoples.

    Sparta: Unfit for Empire.

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