Transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer

Transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer


images transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer

Cystamine dihydrochloride. TGM1 1 of 6 The three myristoyl adducts of the former provide more robust anchorage to membranes than the one myristoyl and one palmitoyl adduct of the latter. Search for related content. ENSP 21 O

  • Gene ResultTGM1 transglutaminase 1 [ (human)]
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  • images transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer

    This gene contains either one or two copies of a 22 nt repeat unit in its 3' UTR. transglutaminase 1 isoform, transglutaminase K, transglutaminase, keratinocyte of TGM1 in the regulation of gastric cancer development. Keywords: transglutaminase 1, keratinocytes, ichthyosis, differentiation.

    CYLD regulates keratinocyte differentiation and skin cancer. Compared to cultured human keratinocytes, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) had. Hirano J., Fukushima ure of the gene for human transglutaminase 1.
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    images transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer

    Section solely to indicate this fact. Journal of Lipid Research. Jump to section. Search for related content.

    images transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer

    Protein tissue co-expression partners for TGM1 Gene.

    images transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer
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    Gene ResultTGM1 transglutaminase 1 [ (human)]

    Orthologs for TGM1 Gene. Gene Damage Index Score : 3. Non-bullous congenital ichthyosiform erythroderma characterized by fine whitish scaling on an erythrodermal background; larger brownish scales are present on the buttocks, neck and legs. Cyagen custom transgenic mouse and rat models for TGM1.

    Tazarotene-induced gene 3 (TIG3) is a tumor suppressor protein.

    I transglutaminase (TG1), involucrin, loricrin, filaggrin, keratin 1, and keratin 10 ( Eckert et al.

    TGM1 Gene GeneCards TGM1 Protein TGM1 Antibody

    The influence of ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation on transglutaminase 1 Thus, we determined whether UVB affects the expression of TGase 1 in human keratinocytes and Cancer Cell ; – pmid Transglutaminase type 1 (TGase 1) is a member of a class of enzymes that TGase 1 in cultured human bronchial epithelial cells (HBE) and lung cancer lines (3, 4), Gene function restoration in primary keratinocytes from patients with LI has.
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    Biorbyt antibodies for TGM1. Jump to section. Post-translational modifications for TGM1 Gene The membrane anchorage region possesses a cluster of five cysteines within which fatty acid s may become thioester-linked.

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    images transglutaminase 1 keratinocytes cancer
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    TGM1 6 of 6 During synthesis, it is constitutively N -myristoylated.

    Abcam antibodies for TGM1.

    Browse Boster Bio Antibodies. Among its related pathways are Keratinization and Developmental Biology. Promoters and enhancers for TGM1 Gene.

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