Water swellable rubber

Water swellable rubber


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Suitable process aids include, but are not necessarily limited to, waxes e. The water swellable non-elastomeric material c contributes to the high volume swell at high temperature which characterizes the water swellable rubber composition according to this invention. In another non-restrictive embodiment, there is further provided a selectively deployed sealing element for a well flow channel. The amount of swelling achieved and the rate of swelling depends on physical boundaries and limitations, the salinity of the water, and the temperature. Frequently, it is necessary to seal this annular space between upper and lower portions of the well depth. The water swellable rubber composition of the invention may be formed into articles by various methods such as compression, transfer, extrusion, injection, and wrapping, and then cured. The composition according to U.

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  • ABSTRACT In recent years, water swellable rubber composites have been the subject of many scientific and research investigations as well as.

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    INTRODUCTION. Water-swelling rubber is one of functional polymer materials. Generally, the water-swelling rubber is prepared by the mechanical blending of. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Water swelling rubber materials | Intelligent materials are the materials of the future. Switchable materials must be actively.
    The selectively deployed sealing element of claim 1 where the sealing element is a well packer.

    The monomers comprising this elastomer b must include at a minimum 1 ethylene oxide; and 2 a monomer providing the mentioned crosslinkable site after polymerization with ethylene oxide.

    images water swellable rubber

    SUMMARY There is provided, in one non-limiting form, a water swellable elastomer that includes at least one base polymer, which may be acrylonitrile butadiene rubber NBRat least one cellulose, at least one acrylic copolymer ACand at least one curative. The composition of bentonite water-stop prevents premature swelling.

    Print This Page. Examples of suitable activators include zinc oxide ZnOzinc stearate, stearic acid, magnesium oxide MgO and combinations thereof.

    images water swellable rubber
    The rubber composition may also be used for toys and game elements. Ruida swell water hydrophilic rubber waterstop seal strip for swimming pool.

    Model NO. NBRat least one cellulose, at least one AC, and at least one curative. As will be seen, the water swellable rubber works best in water-based fluids with low salt content.

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    The invention will now be illustrated using certain specific Examples which are not meant to limit it in any way, but simply to further illuminate it. This method is: the quality of the weld is difficult to check and guarantee, and it is a passive waterproof once there are cracks in the weld, slag, burning, needle, and other defects, and it will be difficult to cure.

    Simple rubber products such as tires and rubber gloves do not absorb water.

    But Water Swelling Rubber "AQUAQUELL" can absorb water and expand its. Water-swelling rubber (hydrophilic rubber) is used for sealing of construction joints against pressurised water in reinforced concrete structures.

    HYDROTITE®. Through the combination of at least two polymer families, and the optimization of other components, a rubber compound has been developed for use in.
    The elastomer b must contain a sufficiently high amount of ethylene oxide for the desired degree of water swell to be achieved.

    Expanding swelling hydrophilic bentonite rubber water stop strip.

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    Furthermore, there are no special curing conditions required. Hebei, China. Service: Our company has an experienced technical engineer team, and we can design molds and machining fixtures and find the best solutions for your project. Suitable antioxidants include, but are not necessarily limited to, any of the diphenyl amines e.

    images water swellable rubber
    CAC en.

    Similarly, the lower the concentration of co-valent salts ions present e. Port: Tianjin, China.

    images water swellable rubber

    Enter between 20 to 4, characters. The amount of filler is not specifically restricted and may be selected readily by one of ordinary skill in this art. It is intended that the specification and examples be considered as illustrative only, with the true scope and spirit of the invention being indicated by the following claims. As the concentration of salt increases, the more hindrance there is and thus less water swelling.

    A water swellable rubber composition comprising (a) a non-water swellable base rubber, (b) a crosslinkable ethylene oxide based hydrophilic.

    images water swellable rubber

    AbstractA novel water swellable rubber (WSR) has been prepared by blending nitrile rubber (NBR), carbon black and other additives with.
    The water swellable rubber composition of the invention exhibits good stability and improved volume swell at high temperature, in different electrolyte types and at different electrolyte concentrations, compared with conventional water swellable rubber compositions.

    Expansion hydrophilic swelling rubber water stop strip bentonite water stop strip.

    As is typical, the amount of cure needed may vary by the size and thickness. USA1 en. Swell rubber water stop strip with expansion rate for construction joint waterproof. It can effectively reduce the noise outside compares to the traditional ones.

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    One of the greater utilities for a well packer or bridge plug is to isolate a designated section of well bore along the wellbore length that penetrates a particular zone or earth strata.

    images water swellable rubber
    Vanderbilt Companyor process aids such as WB process additive from Strucktol and the like and combinations thereof.

    Other epoxy compounds bearing vinyl groups such epoxybutene, 3,4-epoxypentene, 1,2-epoxy-5,9-cyclododecadiene, 3,4-epoxyvinylcyclohexene, and 1,2-epoxycyclooctene may also be used as the monomer 2.

    A method for impeding an aqueous fluid flow through a space defined by solid walls, comprising the steps of placing the composition of claim 1 in said space in contact with the aqueous fluid flow, whereby the composition swells by absorption of water from the aqueous fluid, fills up said space and impedes the flow of the aqueous fluid through the space.

    Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Rubber profiles are easy to process, and can save time and labor.

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